Get to know Paul

Paul Weyland developed a passion for the game at a very young age. He played competitive junior golf, high school golf, and collegiate golf in California. Both his sons grew up in Idaho playing junior golf. His younger son, Ben, played collegiate golf for the University of Idaho and is a past winner of the Idaho Men’s Amateur.  Paul has always had a passion for teaching golf and helping others develop a better game to have more fun.  His passion has resulted in several awards in golf instruction and coaching.  He has also developed an extensive network of college golf coaches, golf instructors, contacts on junior golf tours, and golf equipment companies across the country.

In addition to golf Paul loves to fly fish.  Watch his Facebook and Instagram pages for photos of his recent catch (and find out if he won a latte off his wife for the biggest and the most!).

Awards, Accreditation’s, and Education:

2018-2019 Rocky Mountain Section PGA Teacher of the Year

2017-2018 Golf Digest Best Teachers by State (Idaho)

PGA Member

Brian Manzella Certified Instructor

Certified David Leadbetter Instructor 2007 – 2015

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Pro Level 3 Certified

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 Junior Certified

K-Vest Level 3 Certified

James Sieckmann Short Game Workshop Certificate of Completion

BA in Criminal Justice, California State University, Sacramento, CA

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Chasing Your Best, TC Golf Podcast – “Paul Weyland, EFFORT ALWAYS WINS”

Paul’s Teaching Philosophy

Golf is the best game to play and teach, because it can be enjoyed and played for an entire lifetime. Golf gives people of all ages the chance to interact, socialize, and make new friends. Teaching golf lets me help people achieve their goals in this great game and gives me the opportunity to teach young people life lessons and help them become better citizens.

Golf is a game that should be taught on an individual basis, one size or swing does not fit all. Consideration should be made for each student’s physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Golf should be taught as an athletic endeavor with the player having a goal of recording the lowest possible score and not trying to build the perfect swing. My goal and responsibility as an instructor, coach, and mentor is for my students to have fun with the learning process, learning about themselves, their swings and playing the game.

I believe strongly in the importance of the short game, and I focus heavily in this area. This is part of the game that is so important for scoring. I teach compatible concepts and principles for executing short game and full swing shots, whenever possible. I teach students how to score by using different clubs around the greens to hit a variety of shots, proper putting fundamentals, and course management.

I develop a relationship of trust and cooperation with each student, so the student continues to make progress towards attaining their goals while having fun with the learning process. My goal is to have my students become their own best coach.