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Jake Slocum – 4th place in 2020 Idaho State Am and off to college

Jake Slocum

Wishing my long time junior student Jake Slocum a fond farewell as he leaves this week to start college as a freshmen at Iowa State University. Jake will be playing for the Iowa State Men’s Golf Team starting this fall.

I couldn’t be more proud of Jake. I’ve been coaching him, since he was around eleven. He’s always been a pleasure to coach. We’ve had some fun fly fishing too. He is going to love Iowa State, and they are going to love him.

To cap off his summer Jake placed fourth at the 2020 Idaho State Amateur with scores of 74-69-69. Jake played with and scored lower than several collegiate players. He’s more than ready for Division 1 college golf. Congratulations Jake. Nice playing. I look forward to seeing you when you come home for break.