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How I Coach

During my time at the IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy and training some of the best juniors in the world I learned that swing mechanics are only a small part of a student’s success.  I use the latest coaching methods and incorporate five areas into my coaching that I think will get you the best results on the course.

My 5 Prong Approach

I developed a successful five prong approach to train students to reach their full potential in golf and in life.  Each prong is worth equal value, so in order for you to reach your full potential you must work on each of the five prongs listed below.


Swing mechanics are important.  Without proper technique you have little chance for success, but you cannot forget about your body and mind.  Both have to be addressed in order to achieve your goals in this great game.

Reach Higher

  • Swing Technique and Equipment
  • Mental Conditioning and Game Management
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Attitude and Perspective