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Paul Weyland Golf Junior Academy presents 

Emerging Stars Program

The Paul Weyland Golf Junior Academy Emerging Stars program features specialized coaching and skills development for juniors ages 7 – 11.

 The Emerging Stars program is based on principles of the Long Term Athletic Development framework using physical and mental activities that are appropriate to a child’s biological age. 

 Activities are challenging but rewarding.

Young golfers will gain strength, quickness, speed, agility, balance and confidence.

 Most importantly, they will have a great time doing it!

What is Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)?

Dr. Istvan Balyi, an internationally recognized coach educator, developed a conceptual framework for athletic development in sports based on research about how juniors develop sporting ability.  LTAD is based on widely accepted research and is being used worldwide to train young athletes.  The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) used this framework to develop a junior golf training program.  Paul Weyland is trained in the TPI program and is bringing this world-class program to your junior right here in the Treasure Valley. 

 Why is LTAD important for golf?

 Golf is a “late specialization” sport meaning that it takes eight-to-twelve years of training to reach elite levels.  To avoid early burnout and overuse injuries early training for golf should be focused on learning and mastering fundamental movement skills before learning golf specific skills.  Mastering fundamental movement skills while juniors’ minds and bodies are in critical periods of trainability ensures they will have the physical strength, quickness, speed, agility, balance and confidence when they begin to compete.

Paul Weyland is the only Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 2 Junior coach in Idaho specially trained to coach juniors with an evidence-based, long term athletic development model.

This program is starting in May 2014.  For program details and costs please contact Paul Weyland at or (208) 863-4814.