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Student Swing Assessment for Teaching Professionals

I’ll provide you with the details you need to help you elevate your student’s game to the next level.


Don’t guess what you can measure.” TrackMan


Schedule your students for my detailed swing assessment. I bring my technology to your club, assess your students, and send you an extensive post-assessment report with detailed analysis and recommendations.

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Here’s what you’ll receive – 

  • TrackMan full swing and ball flight data report
  • K-Vest 3D body motion analysis report
  • Titleist Performance Institute physical screen results
  • Copy of a completed online questionnaire outlining your student’s understanding of golf swing concepts, why he/she plays golf, and his/her sports history
  • A post-assessment screencast video showing your student’s swing in HD video explaining the TrackMan and K-Vest data and recommendations for how to use the assessment results to help your student
  • Recommendations for drills and educational materials for you to give your students

Assessment Fee

Assessment Fee


$500 per student


Each assessment takes 2 hours.

Includes post-assessment reports, video screencast, and recommended drills.