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Juniors of all abilities are welcome at Paul Weyland Golf!  


All coaching starts with a game assessment


Depending on a junior golfer’s goals the game assessment is a 2-4 hour assessment and can include a TrackMan Combine, Swing Catalyst and HD video analysis, TPI screen, 9-hole round, and a short game test.  Game assessment price ranges from $150-$1,500. 

Junior Game Assessment

Why start with a game assessment?

    • Receive detailed reports and a voice over video swing analysis with a summary of recommended changes.
    • Thinking of college golf?  This assessment will help you and your junior understand what it’s going to take to get there.
    • Short game is how you score.  Get a short game handicap.
    • Take a TrackMan Combine – compare your score to the world’s best juniors!
    • Titleist Performance Instutite (TPI) physical screen – Juniors’ physical growth means their bodies are constantly changing and this screen can identify physical issues that could be affecting their game.
    • Get started with a customized plan!  The results of the assessment will be used to design a plan for meeting your junior’s goals.

After the game assessment start with private lessons.

    • Swing and ball flight analysis with TrackMan
    • Video analysis
    • Swing Catalyst pressure mat training
    • Use of training aids and drills
    • Putting and short game training
    • On course training
    • Club assessments and fitting

Junior Individual Lesson Rates

1 Hour





Short game, long game, or on course lesson

3 Hour Lesson Package




Must be used within 2 months of purchase date

6 Hour Lesson Package




Must be used within 3 months of purchase date

9 Hour Lesson Package




Must be used within 5 months of purchase date