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Organized Practice Sessions – Learn how to Properly Train

OPS will include long game and short game practice training.  This training could also include on course practice.

The cost of these Organized Practice Sessions is:

$25 per hour per student with four students per group practice session

$35 per hour with three students in a group practice sessions

$50 per hour with two students per group practice session.

It’s unfortunate that a majority of golfers who practice don’t really see long term improvement in their games.  We see it all the time on the range.   A golfer takes a bucket of balls, dumps them out and hits them in a half hour with no purpose, goals, and no feedback on what they are trying to accomplish.   Jack Nicklaus has said that he never hit a shot even in practice without a specific goal and purpose.

Paul Weyland Golf Organized Practice Sessions are sixty minute practice sessions designed to teach students how to practice properly with feedback, goals, and a purpose.  These sessions are designed for long term improvement, so students can learn to teach themselves and take their range game to the course.  All aspects of their game will be developed with the proper practice techniques that all the top players in the world adhere to.

Organized Practice Sessions is for current students only and will be limited to four students per session.  Learn to practice properly with feedback.  Learn to be your own best coach for long term improvement.