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Practice Like the Pros

Top Technology = Faster results! All students at Paul Weyland Golf are assessed with the best technology in golf before coaching sessions start. Why assess? Because there is no guessing. TrackMan, BodiTrak, and K-Vest measure every aspect of your golf swing, taking the guesswork out of equation. Your lesson time is spent working on your swing and not the instructor guessing how to fix it.


TrackMan is far more than the most precise and reliable ball flight simulator. Club delivery data and multi-point high definition video make this system the best measurement system for golf swing analysis. Your initial assessment will include TrackMan measurements, so you and your coach can track your progress. Want to really test your skills, then take a TrackMan Combine or short-game test. These tests will give you a score, so you can compare your skills to others like you. You’ll get a full report with all your impact and ball flight measurements. This video shows TrackMan in use with several tour players, and some of the top coaches in the world explain why they think it’s vital to training golfers.


Your interaction with the ground is the source of balance and power.  The BodiTrak system measures that interaction, providing incites that will help get you that extra distance you are looking for.  Watch how Jason Day and his coaches use BodiTrak to train in this video.


Understanding how your body moves (or doesn’t) is vital to an efficient golf swing. K-Vest is a 3D analysis system that measures your torso and pelvis movement throughout the golf swing. After your coach assesses the measurements you’ll do some biofeedback training to help you understand what the movement should feel like. This video shows you what biofeedback training looks like.