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Congratulations to Paul Weyland Golf student Nathan Barkan qualifies for 2013 Callaway World Junior

By June 23, 2013September 28th, 2013Golf tips

Congratulations to my student Nathan Barkan for qualifying for the 2013 Callaway World Junior.  Nate is a really fine player and has had a great deal of success.  Take a look at the photo below showing Nate’s posture with his old clubs that were way too long for him and his posture with his new clubs. Posture dictates everything that happens in the swing.

Very often, I find young juniors with clubs that are too long, too heavy and grips too large.  I am often asked by parents if the kids will “grow into them” and the answer is yes they will.  However, the problem is that they will also grow into bad habits that result in poor mechanics and then necessary compensations in the swing.  Get your junior golfers properly fit for clubs so they have the proper weight, length and grip size.  This will allow them to create the proper athletic posture like Nate now has.  From this posture Nate can now develop proper swing mechanics with less compensation and create a swing for a life time!! Well done Nate!!!!