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Great couple of days golfing and fishing in Sun Valley, Idaho  

Great couple of days golfing and fishing in Sun Valley, Idaho.

I spent time at  The Valley Club in Hailey, Idaho (near Sun Valley) with PGA Professionals Lucas Brick and Jaime Sharp helping them with their swings. Used K-Coach and TrackMan to measure and quickly noticed what was needed to improve their ball flight.

Lucas made significant increases in club/ball speed and peak height of his shots. He was into forward bend way too long into impact and very little right side bend. Took out some of the forward bend into impact and added some extension by having him the feel that he had his heart to the sky post impact like he was going to throw the club down the range. Immediate results.

Jaime made significant improvements in strike, lower dynamic loft, and face control. In transition his lead shoulder was moving up too early causing his torso and pelvis to early extend and the center mass of club dropped too far behind him. Got him to move his lead shoulder more forward and downward in transition and keep it down until hands were just below the waist. This gave him a feeling that he was covering the ball and his chest was more down and butt more back at impact. Much better strike, flight,face control, and increased ball speed.

Great work by both of you. Thanks for your hospitality and see you again soon!

Also did a little fly fishing on the Big Wood River.  This time of year is the Green Drake hatch.  The rainbow trout were eager for our flies, and we caught some really nice sized fish.