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How TrackMan can help you

By May 13, 2014Golf tips

Although, this article is about PGA Tour Pros using TrackMan, and I also use it with my tour pros, I use TrackMan in all my teaching. It has great application to the amateur golfer no matter the handicap. I also use it in my junior coaching programs, because college coaches are looking at the TrackMan Combine scores as a recruiting tool.

With TrackMan there is no guessing on face angle, club path, swing plane, swing direction, and angle of attack. I use high definition video to see how body motion is affecting the club data. TrackMan allows me to help my students create a feeling to get the face angle and club path they need to achieve their desired ball flight.

What used to take me two weeks to figure out I can do in two hours with TrackMan. It helps me get my students better faster, because I am measuring and not guessing.