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Jake Slocum – 2019 5A Idaho High School State Medalist

Congratulations to Jake Slocum

Congratulations to Jake Slocum, a junior at Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian, Idaho, for winning the 2019 Idaho Boy’s 5A High School State Championship AND leading his team to another State Championship. 

I’ve been coaching Jake, since he was in the 6th grade.  I’ve enjoyed watching him reach his goals in golf.  This year brought new challenges that Jake has never faced before.  As a freshman and sophomore Jake’s team had players who had already committed to playing on top men’s NCAA Division 1 golf teams.  Jake was always good, but he wasn’t expected to win. 

This year was different.  Jake is the best junior golfer in the state.  Jake’s peers, his parents, his team, and he himself expected him to win.  Not all players know how to handle this pressure, and stress and tension can get into their game.  Jake had never experienced this kind of pressure before.  He chose to believe in himself, and he won.

Jake has worked very hard and met his goal of committing to play for a top men’s NCAA Division 1 golf program at Iowa State University.  I hope Jake realizes his accomplishments and takes the time to enjoy this summer’s golf season.  I hope he plays free.  I hope he plays for the love of the game.