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Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy student Carson Berry Qualifies for the 2013 Callaway World Junior Lessons Learned

By June 23, 2013December 13th, 2013Golf tips


Congratulations to Carson Berry, a student in my Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy, for qualifying for the 2013 World Junior by shooting an outstanding score of two under par 70 at Idaho Falls Golf and Country Club.  Carson made a few bogies but by staying positive, keeping patient and focusing on his pre-shot routine Carson was able to make several birdies and finish with an excellent round.

Congratulations to all my students.  They all played well at the World Junior qualifying and had a great learning experience.  One of the things they learned was to only concern themselves with things they can control. In the words of Jack Nicklaus, “Only concern yourself with things you can control, thinking about anything else is a waste of time and destructive to your game.”

The things you can control in golf are routine (pre shot and post shot), attitude (positive), emotions, preparation, nutrition, and how you react.

Some things you cannot control are playing partners, weather, course conditions, bad bounces, tee times, results, score, or your shot.  While you can have some influence over your shot and your score by only concerning yourself with things you can control, you really have no control over them.  If we have no control over the result or our score, why do we spend so much time thinking about them?  It’s destructive to your game.

If you want to play better golf try this:

–          Plan the shot

–          Execute the shot

–          Accept the shot

–          Move on to the next shot

Concern yourself with only the things you can control and will start playing better golf!!!