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The team approach works!

Madeleine Sheils wins her first Symetra Tour event 6/8/2015.

Madeleine Sheils wins her first Symetra Tour event 6/8/2015.

In 2012, just a few short weeks after arriving in beautiful Boise, Idaho I was contacted by Madeleine Sheils. Maddie was just finishing her degree at the University of Nebraska and planned to play professional golf after graduation. After coaching her for about a year Maddie decided to base herself out of Arizona. At that point I told her that she needed a team of golf and fitness professionals closer to her to help her pursue her goals, and I knew exactly who to refer her to.

Before locating my golf academy in Boise I spent years training and developing a network of the top coaches, fitness and medical professionals, sports psychologists, and college coaches. During my time at the Leadbetter IMG Junior Golf Academy in Florida I had the opportunity to work with over 20 Leadbetter certified coaches who work worldwide. I also worked with top golf fitness professionals, dozens of college coaches, and multiple sports psychologists – many of these professionals now run their own businesses. I am also a member of the Proponent Group which is an organization of top teaching professionals across the country that meets to share ideas. I am certified with Titleist Performance Institute, not just because the training is outstanding, but it also connects me to hundreds of fitness and medical professionals across the country. I’ve trained with the top short game coach in the country, James Sieckmann. I continue to maintain my certification with David Leadbetter and am now working on a new certification with Brian Manzella to improve my knowledge of teaching and in golf biomechanics. I train and get certifications to keep learning and improving myself as a coach, so I can continue to get my students better. I’m telling you all this, because if you or your junior wants to play at the highest levels of this great sport you need a team, and I know professionals across the United States and internationally that can help you get to that level while still being a part of your coaching team.

I referred Maddie to Scottsdale, Arizona golf instructors/coaches Mike Pinkey, a former IMG coach and TrackMan specialist, and Terry Rowles, a former Leadbetter certified instructor, 3D system specialist, TPI advisory board member, and Level 2 TrackMan certified instructor. I also referred Maddie to Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marirott, owners of Vision 54 and former coaches of Annika Sorenstam, to help her develop to her true potential. Through this team of professionals Maddie has not only improved, she just won her first professional event on the Symetra Tour!

We are incredibly proud of Maddie, and she has worked hard to make this happen. Not one of her coaches takes any credit for her success, it was 100% Maddie. What we do is help her learn and grow, so she can take that information, pursue her dream, and live to her true potential. I believe in this team approach for all my students and is why my team of professionals are experts in their fields, passionate about what they do, and are willing to work as a team to help my students pursue their dreams. Because it works!

Madelieine Sheils First Win on Symetra Tour