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How to play your best golf when it matters the most

How to play your best golf when it matters the most.

The response by 17 year old Charley Hull when asked about the pressure of Solheim Cup play, how she felt about it inside and how she handled it

“I didn’t really feel that nervous to be honest because this is how I always look at golf….I am not going to die if I hit a bad shot, so I just hit it, find it, and hit it again”

Take this type of perspective into your own game and I promise you will have better results

Paul Weyland Golf Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy students Colby Dean and Carson Barry win on RMJGT

Congratulations to Paul Weyland Golf, Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy students Colby Dean and Carson Barry on their wins in the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour Major tournament at Banbury GC. Colby won the 15-19 age division with scores of 71, 75. Carson won the 13-14 age division with scores of 67, 75. The second day they both struggled some in the swirling winds and did not have their “A” games. However, they kept a positive attitude and stayed patient. We seldom have our “A” game and they both are learning that if they keep a positive attitude, take each shot as it comes, accept their bad shots, and stay patient, they can still score and win without their “A” game. Well done boys!!!

Paul Weyland Boise Idaho Golf Instructor student Carson Berry wins the 2013 Idaho State Junior Golf Championship thirteen year age group.

Congratulations to Carson Berry for winning the 2013 Idaho State Junior Golf Championship thirteen year age group. Carson is a student of Boise Idaho Golf Instructor Paul Weyland’s Golf Academy “Strive for Excellence”   Carson shot a 43 on the front 9 of his first round.  Carson kept a positive attitude, never doubted his swing, and never lost self –belief.  Carson played his next 27 holes in 3 under par for a two shot win.

Carson never gave up and he stuck to his game plan.  Carson showed that he has maturity beyond his years to stay within the process and stay positive.  I am so proud of Carson not for the win but for how well he dealt with the adversity he faced.  How to deal with adversity is an important lesson not just to be a successful golfer but it’s also a life lesson.   Congratulations Carson!!

Paul Weland Golf Students Qualify for ID State Junior Championship

Congratulations to Paul Weyland Golf student’s Carson Barry, JT Bloomer, Drew Lunt, Colby Dean, Cole Bunderson, Charlie Hughes, and Justin Higgins for their fine play at the Idaho State District Championships at Timberstone Golf Club.  They all qualified for the Idaho State Junior Championship.

Carson Barry finished first overall and winning the13 year old age division by 16 shots posting a 12 under par shooting rounds of 66 both days.  Carson has been struggling some on the greens as the putts had not been falling.  I told Carson to keep positive, be patient, and keep believing that he is a great putter.  Another great example of how a positive attitude, self-belief and patience are the key to scoring.

Cole Bunderson finished 2nd in the 14-15 age division with rounds of 72 and 75. Colby Dean finished 2nd in the 16-18 age division with rounds with rounds of 71 and 72

Well done and I wish them the best in the Idaho State Junior Championship coming up in August.

Remember the keys to scoring:

–          Creating and maintaining a positive attitude

–          Believe in yourself and trust your skills

–          Play with confidence

–          Be patient

–          Plan your shot, execute your shot, accept it, and move on to the next

Paul Weyland Golf Students Nate Barkan and Jake Slocum qualify for ID State Junior Championship

Congratulations to Paul Weyland Golf Students Nate Barkan and Jake Slocum for their great play in the 11 to 12 year age division of the ID Junior Golf Association District Championship. After 18 holes of regulation play they were tied for first place with scores of 76.  Nate won the tie breaker in a chip off to take first place.

Both these young boys are very fine golfers, but more important they have great attitudes and they play the game for fun and to challenge themselves… not for trophies.  They are also fine young boys who have great character, sportsmanship, and respect for the game.  These things are much more important than scores they shoot.  Winning at this age is not important, what is important is that these young golfers continue to develop a passion for the game, respect the game, have fun, and learn something every day.  Golf is a marathon not a sprint!!!  Great job boys and I wish you all the best at the Idaho State Championship in August!!!

Congratulations to my student Madeleine Sheils for her T11 finish in her last Symetra Tour event

Congratulations to my student Madeleine Sheils for her T11 finish in her last Symetra Tour event, the Island Resort Championship in Harris, Michigan. Madeleine has really worked hard on her attitude, perspective, and the mental part of her game. She is really having fun playing again which is something we all need to do no matter the level we play. Always should always remember the reasons we started playing this great game in the first place.

See the link below for complete results.

Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy student Carson Berry Qualifies for the 2013 Callaway World Junior Lessons Learned


Congratulations to Carson Berry, a student in my Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Academy, for qualifying for the 2013 World Junior by shooting an outstanding score of two under par 70 at Idaho Falls Golf and Country Club.  Carson made a few bogies but by staying positive, keeping patient and focusing on his pre-shot routine Carson was able to make several birdies and finish with an excellent round.

Congratulations to all my students.  They all played well at the World Junior qualifying and had a great learning experience.  One of the things they learned was to only concern themselves with things they can control. In the words of Jack Nicklaus, “Only concern yourself with things you can control, thinking about anything else is a waste of time and destructive to your game.”

The things you can control in golf are routine (pre shot and post shot), attitude (positive), emotions, preparation, nutrition, and how you react.

Some things you cannot control are playing partners, weather, course conditions, bad bounces, tee times, results, score, or your shot.  While you can have some influence over your shot and your score by only concerning yourself with things you can control, you really have no control over them.  If we have no control over the result or our score, why do we spend so much time thinking about them?  It’s destructive to your game.

If you want to play better golf try this:

–          Plan the shot

–          Execute the shot

–          Accept the shot

–          Move on to the next shot

Concern yourself with only the things you can control and will start playing better golf!!!

Congratulations to Paul Weyland Golf student Nathan Barkan qualifies for 2013 Callaway World Junior

Congratulations to my student Nathan Barkan for qualifying for the 2013 Callaway World Junior.  Nate is a really fine player and has had a great deal of success.  Take a look at the photo below showing Nate’s posture with his old clubs that were way too long for him and his posture with his new clubs. Posture dictates everything that happens in the swing.

Very often, I find young juniors with clubs that are too long, too heavy and grips too large.  I am often asked by parents if the kids will “grow into them” and the answer is yes they will.  However, the problem is that they will also grow into bad habits that result in poor mechanics and then necessary compensations in the swing.  Get your junior golfers properly fit for clubs so they have the proper weight, length and grip size.  This will allow them to create the proper athletic posture like Nate now has.  From this posture Nate can now develop proper swing mechanics with less compensation and create a swing for a life time!! Well done Nate!!!!

Congratulations to long time student, Maribel Lopez, for finishing 14th at the 2013 NCAA Championships

Maribel also received honorable mention All-American honors from the Women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA). She just graduated from Tulane with a bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in political science. Great job Maribel!!

Marible joins an impressive list of 2013 WGCA All-American players. Contratulations to IMG Academies graduates that I had the pleasure to know while working at the academy: Doris Chen, 2nd Team All-American, plays for USC and Laetitia Beck, Honorable Mention All-American, plays for Duke.